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Indian applicants who wish to apply for a visa can find all information for types of visa and documents requirement, visa fees and general guidelines for Indian citizen who wish to travel Spain with Tourist Visa.

VISA is referred by Embassy & applicant need to come personally to submit & collect the passport him/her self.

General Requirements

Passport with a validity of at least three months beyond the date of intended stay with two blank pages. Photocopy of all the pages, including pages of previous passport (if any). Indian Passports valid for more than 10 years will not be accepted as the main required travel document.

An original application form dully filled in and signed at two places with a blue ball-point pen by the applicant with a photo pasted. The mail address and a telephone number where the applicant can be contacted must be clearly stated in the application. Two photocopy of this application forms are required with photographs pasted on the forms.

Sworn Declaration for travel insurance signed by the applicant is mandatory to be provided along Visa Application form at the time of submission.

Three passport-size photographs (35 mm x 45 mm not more than 6 months old) with the head centered in the frame and against a white background should be pasted on each form.

In case of minors (below 18 years), the application form must be signed by both the parents. Photocopies of passports of both the parents, attested by notary public, must be attached.

In case the minor (below 18 years), is accompanied by either of the parents, a no objection affidavit must be submitted.

Covering letter explaining in details the purpose of the visit that the applicant intends to undertake and date of the travel should be mentioned on it.

For visiting family or friends:
  • Invitation letter issued by "Policia Nacional de Espana".
  • Attested copy of the passport and the DNI or residence card of the person living in Spain.

  • Proof of travel insurance with a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros or 50,000 $ to cover any expense which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and /or emergency hospital treatment.The insurance must be valid throughout the territory of the Member States. Valid for at least 15 days from the date of return to India. The duration of the insurance cover must include the entire period of stay and additionally fifteen days more after the proposed date of departure out of the Schengen territory. Travel Medical Insurance by approved Indian Travel Insurance Companies providing Travel Medical Insurance for Schengen Visa.

    If the purpose of travel is to visit friends or relatives, an invitation made before the Spanish Police and an attested copy of the passport or the national identity card of the person receiving the applicant in case he / she is Spanish or a European Union citizen, or of the residence permit of the person inviting the applicant in case he / she happens to be Indian or a citizen of another non-EU country.

    Copy of PAN card of the applicant (if available).

    Personal bank statement for the last three months (either stamped on first/last page or original bank statement).

    Personal Income Tax Returns for last three years.

    Salary Slips for the last six months.

    All the documents that the applicant may consider appropriate in order to show his / her personal economic situation (for instance: original bank statements & other financial assets etc.) and attested copies of any other documents that the applicant may decide to provide. These documents are necessary even it is another person, company or institution that bears the expenses of the trip.

    If the applicant is not a national of India, Sri Lanka, or the Maldives, a proof of his / her legal residence in any of these countries (residence permit).

    Hotel accommodation during the stay in the Schengen countries.

    Confirmed return flight tickets.

    Reservations for plane or other means of transport comprising the whole itinerary intended.

    For Family Visa Applications, the proof of family relation with the principal applicant i.e. For Spouse- Marriage Certificate; For Children- Birth Certificate need to be submitted. The VFS centre will be accepting a photocopy of the document after verifying with the original at the time of visa submission. In case the applicants are unable to present an original, the VFS Centre would be accepting the photocopy of the same but it would be legalized before a Notary public. The Embassy of the Spain, New Delhi has implemented a change in arrangements for the collection of passport from visa application centres. It will no longer be possible for third parties to collect the documents on behalf of an applicant, except in the following cases:
  • Immediate family member (i.e Parent, Child, Sibling).
  • One member of a group collecting for the entire group.
  • A person collecting on behalf of Govt. officials if authorized on the Govt. letter head or department.
  • Representative of a company- Authorization letter on the letter head of the company and the official ID card of the representative.

  • If any of the above comes for passport collection they need to carry the following documents:
  • Photocopy of Govt. ID card.
  • Original ICR.
  • Authorisation Letter from applicant.

  • Visa Fee :
    Visa Fee is (Child Age: less than 6 years): Gratis
    Short Term Visa :Rs.4,388/-
    Children age 6-12 years: Rs.2,560/-
    VFS Service Charge : Rs.1,436/-

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