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Indian applicants who wish to apply for a visa can find all information for types of visa and documents requirement, visa fees and general guidelines for Indian citizen who wish to travel Norway with Tourist Visa.

VISA is referred by Embassy & applicant need to come personally to submit & collect the passport him/her self.

General Requirements

Tourist This visa is solely for the purpose of leisure travel including vacationing, cruising, sightseeing and other recreational activities.

Applicant needs to fill online visa application form through online portal:- Application Portal Norway. After the completion of the form the visa fee needs to be paid electronically (by credit / debit card) on the same site.

The Applicant must register his/her application and pay the fee online at the Application Portal Norway. Applications should be submitted at VFS Global Services Pvt. Ltd Visa Application Centres in India.

Passport, valid at least 3 months beyond intended travel, issued within the previous 10 years, and containing at least two blank pages.

Applicant's Passport photo (white background) not older than six months (35-40 mm).

For other photograph specifications contact for

Signed Cover letter from the Online Application Portal.

Questionnaire for C-visa.

Applicant also needs to fill and sign the Tourist Document CheckList form.

Documents confirming employment, school or studies and permission for leave, and income if any.

Copy of bank account for the last 6 months.

Certificate of the travel agency confirming the booking and itinerary of an organized trip or any other appropriate document indicating the envisaged travel plans. If travelling independently, a detailed plan/schedule is required.

Confirmation of payment from the travel agent when going on cruise or any other package tour.

Copy of your passport (all relevant and used pages), and previous passport if relevant.

Confirmed booking (travel itinerary) of roundtrip air ticket, with fixed travel dates of maximum 90 days (Do not buy the ticket until visa has been granted. Note: If the application is approved, the visa will be issued according to the dates on the booking).

Confirmation of accommodation in Norway.

Valid travel/health insurance for the entire journey in the Schengen Area with minimum coverage of EURO 30,000.

If the applicant is under 18, then he/she must also submit:-
  • If you are travelling alone: An original and a copy of letter of consent signed by both parents and legalized.
  • If you are travelling with only one of your parents: An original and a copy of letter of consent from the other parent and legalized.
  • If the parent you are travelling with has single custody: A shown original and a copy of certificate of single custody.

  • The Applicant must bring all the original documents and a perfect A4 copy of each of the documents. The original documents will be returned back after they have been cross checked by VFS, and the A4-copies will be kept (except from the guarantee form which VFS will keep the original).

    All the documents must be in English or Norwegian language.

    The Embassy may contact the applicant to request additional documents.

    According to Schengen regulations (Visa Code), visa applications shall (as a main rule) be decided on within 15 calendar days from the day the embassy receives the application. Applications can be lodged three months before the start of the intended visit and the Embassy encourages the applicant to submit the application at the earliest.

    Applications for Visit visa are normally processed within 7 days, however in case documents are missing/needs to be verified or in need of an interview; the processing time might go up to 15-30 days.

    The application fee can be paid electronically (by credit/debit card) on the secure Application Portal after filling in the application form online. The application will not be sent to the Embassy before the payment has been successfully processed (usually within a few seconds). Applicants (/sponsors, etc.) may pay by Visa or MasterCard.
    VFS Additional Service Charges:
  • Courier Charges: - INR 300 per passport.
  • SMS facility: - INR 81.
  • Photocopying service: - Rs. 2 Per Page.
  • Photo booth service: - Rs. 150 for 6 photos.
  • Printing facility: - INR 20 per page.

  • Visa Fee :
    Paid electronically (by credit / debit card) on the secure Application Portal after filling in the application form online.
    The application will not be sent to the Embassy before the payment has been successfully processed (usuallly within a few seconds).
    Applicants (/ sponsors, etc.) may pay by Visa or MasterCard.

    Single, Double or Multiple Entry): (EURO 60)
    VFS Service Charge : Rs.1450/- (Inclusive of service tax 14%)

    Processing Time : 15-30 Working days

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